HT Sports
After the Roar of the Crowd

We coach student and professional athletes to develop, understand and grow their positive image and "personal brands" in order to enhance their ability to stay in the game.
Painful facts:
"Sports Illustrated estimates that 78% of former National Football League players are bankrupt or under financial stress within two years of retirement. An estimated 60% of former National Basketball Association players are broke within five years of retirement, and recently a host of MLB players have fallen victim to an alleged ponzi scheme."

"The whole idea of being invincible and 'it's never going to end' kind of makes you have a much higher propensity to take risks," former NFL player Eugene Profit told The Price of Fame. "No one's going to tell you no because they want to stay in your entourage or circle."

The average annual salary of an NFL player is a cool $1.9 million, according to Bloomberg. With the average career of a pro football player lasting just 3.5 short years due to injury and fierce competition, most of the NFL makes a lot of money in a short amount of time.

That sudden burst of financial fame, not to mention the media attention, is one reason experts say as much as 20 percent of professional football players read from a playbook scripted with poor financial decisions and end up fumbling their credit scores and finances.

The HT team participates with the professional athlete as a business that must operate strategically to "stay in the game." Developing a playbook that includes the right positioning and financial strength training results in a life championship win for our clients.

HT Sports is dedicated to working with professional and student athletes to develop positive brand images. We also advise athletes on wealth management, including identifying investment opportunities and managing portfolios.

Focus Areas:
 •  Wealth Sustainability
 •  Public Perception
 •  Role Model Recognition