Who We Are
Vision & Mission
HT & Associates

HT & Associates is a professional business relationship development firm.

As more and more products become commoditized, businesses are looking for ways to differentiate their product, brands and organizations. People are also looking to do this professionally. Research unequivocally shows that the most successful organizations and individuals place an emphasis on relationships. It’s a principle that is hardwired in our DNA and can’t be ignored.

At HT & Associates our clients focus decision making that delivers brand-building strategies and long-term prominence. Mentoring, coaching, and collaboration are not ultimately about programs, tools, or schedules; rather, the essence of each is the relationships built around shared purposes and mutual goals among those involved. Unlike personal relationships that center on the extent to which the parties like one another, professional relationships require understanding of diverse styles, knowledge of effective approaches to communication and dialogue, awareness of critical aspects and stages of team relationships, and the ability to deal with issues in ways that will effectively sustain the relationship.

What We Do

We analyze, develop and implement strategies that allow our clients to attain their planned visions. These strategies result in greater stakeholder value, desired public positioning and the maximization of human capacity.